Message from our Managing Director

Dear leaders, growth seekers and advocates of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030,

Today, Saudi Arabia is rapidly moving to a new dawn; and with a new day, comes endless opportunities.

As the country continues to innovate and pursue national transformation programs, investors, both international and domestic, foresee great opportunities for the nation’s development. Additionally, with a widely developing spirit of entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabian businessmen are pursuing growth opportunities in other promising – and sometimes risky – regions of the world.

This change is reshaping the future of the country’s economy and lifting it to a new level of potential, which comes with a new set of challenges. The regulatory landscape, locally and internationally, is more dynamic than ever, with business leaders having to navigate regional variations and changes in law, increased compliance measures, and recently-introduced tax regimes.

In order to maintain their steady, risk-proof growth in this changing business environment, businesses need a strong, knowledgeable and resourceful ally: a robust insurance sector.

In fact in the past few years, the Saudi Arabian insurance market has become increasingly resilient. However, the sector’s development efforts have been mainly focused on providing protection to individuals and families, while many industry professionals remain potentially inadequately informed about critical risks that their businesses face and enabling risk transfer solutions.

And this is where Abdul Latif Jameel Insurance creates value and makes the difference. I am delighted that our highly experienced team is able to contribute to the expansion of the corporate insurance sector, supporting determined entrepreneurs to reach their goals faster.

Our ultimate aim is to be the pioneering force behind the creation of a sustainable growth environment and to help businesses build resilience by delivering innovative corporate insurance solutions to manage large and complex business risks. We seek to understand your business, work with you to identify your risk tolerance and critical exposures, and stimulate the insurance market to respond to your needs.

Welcome to a world of opportunities!